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15 January 2014

The Rubber Band Machine Gun

During my young years, I remember playing with a customized gun made out of sticks and wood and my ammo is a rubber band. Sometimes I wish I was back on those years and play cops and robbers with my friends. Surprisingly, like the Power Up Paper Planes I posted last time those guns I used to play with my friends just got an upgrade too of course it comes with a price - a whopping $140 dollars. Well, it seems even the older generation will enjoy this new upgrade but with that amount, I'll probably stick with the sticks and rubbers.

The Rubber band machine gun is not something to joke about, try joking with someone holding a gun like this. I remember being hit by a rubber band gun before - it doesn't hurt much but it hurts big time if you get hit twice or more. Anyways, here is a video of how it works. It's like jet fighters Vulcan guns, it even sounds like one (I mean the rolling of the barrels).

12 January 2014

POWER UP Your Paper Planes!

During my childhood days, making a paper-plane was the best part of my life and I don't mind sharing the same happiness to my kids. But what if those paper plane can be powered-up? Imagine you can control your paper plane 's direction and when you want to land it - that would be cool invention!

04 December 2013

Final Fantasy VI on iOS and Anroid

When I heard about Square Enix's news about Final Fantasy VI I got quite excited and checked out the screenshots as soon as I heard about it, but I got quite disappointed. Maybe I was expecting a really nice looking game. It is quite nice to look at but I was expecting it to be better. I know I shouldn't be expecting something really nice for tablets but have they seen the graphics of most games lately? I like the Final Fantasy III & IV for android were much better looking - dunno - can't tell because they only went out with 2 screenshots. But I am hoping to hear more about their Kingdom Hearts. I think they so much potential on the tablet market right now.

Dunno, let's see what happens next. From the looks of the first screen shot below - it looks like 3D acceleration or engine will be required, most probably for tablets with NVidia Tegra graphics built-in to it may be able to play with it. And probably they'll show a better screenshot next time.

So here are the screenshots for Final Fantasy VI (iOS / android games).

Reference: Japan Square Enix website.

19 November 2013

Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm

Okay, it has been a long time since I've updated this blog and it deserves something new and very entertaining to look at. I have been so busy with my offline adventures in life and I've neglected to update two of my blogs - I know it is supposedly a good thing. Okay so this afternoon I decided to visit Blizzard's page and just discovered their new addition to The World of Warcraft series and a new game called Heroes of the Storm.
I decided to check-out the new title since World of Warcraft is not new anymore and boy I am into a surprise. I decided to watch its cinematic trailer and was amazed at the battle seen. Starcraft's Kerrigan vs. Diablo's Tyrael, Starcraft's Nova (Ghost) vs. World of Warcraft's Lich King and Raynor vs. Diablo (okay I am not entirely sure if it was even Diablo). It was ridiculously amazing - I have to check the video clip of the gameplay before I close my mouth because of amazement. It seems the game is like DOTA or Defense Of The Ancients which made me feel good and bad. Good because if it's like DOTA it won't require too much PC specs and disappointed because I was kinda expecting it to be like Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur. I want it to be a first person gameplay. Anyway, it still looks good.
click image for a larger view.
You have to see it for yourself. Here is the video clip of the cinematic trailer:

And here is the video of the gameplay.

Enjoy and hope you have fun watching. By the way, the game is on BETA right now and everyone is welcome to apply for a Beta test.

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